Tattoos of the Lyrically-Inspired

Lyrical Tattoos
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Tattoos based on music & lyrics
-This community is a place where members can post pictures, ideas, questions, etc., about lyrical/music-oriented tattoos.

-Please include the artist/song title/other appropriate identifying information in your posts.

-Including the above info is important so that I can appropriately tag the entries. Entries will be tagged with the band/artist name, or other tags as needed. You may add appropriate existing tags, but I will go through frequently and add new tags.

-Pictures outside of a cut should be work-safe and reasonably sized. Please post multiple pictures and all large pictures under a cut. If you do not know how to make a cut, please look here. Please use a "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) warning if your pictures could be inappropriate for certain settings.

-Any genre is welcome, but nothing pornographic or otherwise offensive by my standards will be tolerated. I am a fairly laid-back person, so this should be pretty easy to comply with. If this becomes a problem I will begin moderating all posts.

-There should be no promoting of other communities without permission. If this becomes a problem, I will begin moderating all posts.

-Please be respectful of all members. If you don't like something someone else has posted, that's fine - - to each his own. No need to start World War IV. If it seems you are only here to cause trouble, you may be banned.

-If someone posts something that you find to be offensive and think should be removed or if you run into any other issues or questions, please feel free to contact the maintainer, lastbeautflgirl, through the e-mail address provided above.

-Please don't tYpE lykeeee dis!!!!!!! ALL CAPS is definitely a no-no as well. It's really annoying. Also try to keep an eye on your spelling and punctuation. Nobody's perfect, so we won't hang you by your toenails, but we'll want to.

-Most importantly, HAVE FUN!